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Yesterday I was written by a

Yesterday I was written by a very diligent girl named Christina.

Christina is in third grade and she really enjoys school. She wants to become an excellent student, but so far she has fours in three subjects. The girl asked to tell how it is possible to study with one grade at school.
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And indeed you can!

And I'll tell you about the secrets of excellence in this article. Christina, please read and study perfectly as you wanted. I hope that my recommendations will help you and other students who also want to study at the same A's.

In any case, remember that the main thing in school is knowledge, so you need to know first of all, and an excellent grade is a consequence of good studies.

And if you have your secrets or want to share your impressions, please write in the comments. If my article was useful to you, put your thumbs up and share links with your friends so that they also know how you can do well at school.
The most interesting thing was that she studied only one grade. Studying well doesn't just mean getting A's. Not everyone is A's. Yes, you need talent to study for A's. Learn to learn. We all have to learn something. Therefore, if, of course, you really want to start learning from only A's, you have to constantly ask “why”.

Be practical about your studies. Work in the classroom. Get organized. Learn and do your homework in chunks. Write down everything important there, in particular - homework exercises, etc. By the way, it is necessary to write down at the moment when the teacher dictates it, and not later. If you hear that you will have a test soon, write down the date to prepare.

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Be careful - and learning will be much easier, because you will understand the subject better. Truth! Nobody can know everything in the world, there is nothing wrong with not understanding something. Your teacher, for example, knows this very well and will be happy to help. By the way, it will be useful just like that, within the framework of general development.

How to become an excellent student at school?

Analyze this connection and learn how to work better with information. This is an obligatory and important point. Do your homework, even if it won't be checked. The deeper you go into the subject, the better. Homework is designed to help you consolidate what you have passed, so ... If nothing was asked at home, read the textbook.

Consistency is important in everything, and in studies too. Practice regularly, review what you have gone through, do not think that you can learn everything in the evening before day X, turn in all the work on time, etc.
If you start doing your homework early, it will give you time to ask the teacher questions that will arise in the course of work, and this is a direct path to the top five. Do your homework in a designated area. You need a table, a minimum of irritants and an understanding that learning is a habit. It doesn't matter if it's online or in the library - read books about what you teach. The more you learn, the better your grades will be.

If you have a problem with this, look online for clues. Yes, sometimes literally everything bothers us: outside the window a construction site, the TV screaming, relatives yelling, noise, din ... Nevertheless, learn to overcome this and concentrate. Sometimes you just need to understand that it may be difficult for you to achieve complete success in something.

Whatever the teacher asked, this girl always knew the answer. She never made a single mistake. And once there was a lesson in natural history in their school in the third quarter. And one boy quietly hid behind the closet, he wanted to overhear what the teacher would talk about with this Sveta. The boy's whole face burned out, and now he goes to school wearing a mask. Either in the mask of a monkey, now in the mask of Spider-Man.

Ask a lot of questions - get a lot of answers - broaden your horizons and one day you will understand the material that you have not studied yet! Use the knowledge of other people. Not in the sense of "cheat", no. We mean something else! Ask for advice and tips from friends, adults, teachers, study how others solved this or that problem.
Do your homework carefully and thoroughly, leaving nothing for later. This approach will not only make life easier, but will help in learning. Let's say that on the weekend, do some of the tasks on Saturday, and some on Sunday. Do not forget, however, to study those subjects that you will need, if not at all in the future, then at least for admission. Try and don't give up! Never give up, work and you will succeed.

You can study perfectly well and not sit at the same time constantly at textbooks, forgetting about everything else. You don't have to learn the bare facts. Because of this, people do not become smarter, and they do not learn to analyze. Everything will be clearer if you take the new information apart. This will make it easier to learn. In one school a new girl came to one third grade.
You need to please the teacher, that is, become a favorite. As strange as it may be, if a teacher likes a student, he does not try to fail him on exams, tests. What needs to be done to make the teacher like it? Try to ask more questions in the lesson, show that the lesson is interesting to you. Suggest any ideas on the topic of the lesson. If the teacher sees that the student is showing interest in the subject, he will always go to the meeting, give an easier task, and improve the grade. And also at teacher meetings will notice the positive mood of such a student. Accordingly, this will lead to the fact that other teachers will be positively disposed towards this student.
Even if you don't like the subject at all, and accordingly the teacher, since he requires you to learn the rules by heart, etc. etc. Such a teacher should definitely give compliments. For example: How interesting you are! After your lessons, I develop an interest in a subject that may seem like a normal school routine to others. You have so many interesting school manuals and tables in your class. I immediately want to learn. Very cozy class. You are doing so much for our class! Teach us. Everyone should try to do better. You should be given the Teacher of the Year award!
Make abstracts. The best way to improve your grades in a subject is to ask your teacher to give you an assignment to write a paper. An essay allows you not to learn the subject, but just beautifully rewrite the desired topic and arrange it. Teachers have a positive attitude towards this method and are happy to give students essays. If you want to get an A, at least you need to rewrite 5 sheets and draw some drawings. In general, the abstract should be such that the teacher AHNUL! Then the top five is provided.
Active community service helps to improve grades to the five. This is on duty, participation in events and celebrations, sports competitions, drawing posters, etc., etc. When teachers see that the student is immersed in some kind of school activity, they understand that you do not have time to thoroughly work on the lessons. Therefore, when an opportunity is given somewhere to take part in school activities and amateur performances, be sure to volunteer.
Try to visit the school library more often. Information that you often sit in the library and take books on mathematics or physics will quickly reach teachers in these subjects. Of course, you don't have to sit in the library and read these books. You can quietly hide in a corner and poke around in your smartphone. The main thing here is to create the necessary impression about yourself. Teachers have a positive attitude to such actions of students and tighten their grades if they see that the student is interested in their subject after school hours.
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